April 8, 2024

Empowering local changemakers to accelerate climate action

How UNICEF Venture Fund Climate Action Cohort project Kolektivo scales grassroots climate action by creating local impact networks.

Luuk Weber

Climate action failure and biodiversity loss are severe global risks, among other societal, economic, technical, and geopolitical risks. As these challenges are global and highly interconnected, progress on all fronts is the only way to solve them. But where to start?

Here. Wherever that is for you.

Empowering changemakers 

Tech-enabled local action is the most equitable and efficient way to reverse environmental degradation and create a more beautiful world, as most of these challenges have a root cause in a disconnect between people and the world around them, leading to behavior that reinforces these global challenges.

Kolektivo believes that a significant shift occurs when local communities become part of the solution in a way that reinforces and accelerates their capacity over time. To realize this, it is developing a platform that allows communities to start impact networks that recognize and reward actions that create prosperity for people and nature.

The Kolektivo Platform

Built on four years of pilot experience and leveraging the latest Web3 innovations, the upcoming Kolektivo platform aims to launch in the second half of 2024 and provide key features that allow local communities to identify, fund, and coordinate meaningful environmental and economic activity. Reinforcing positive community behavior will also positively affect the social fabric in these communities. 

As a Kolektivo user, I can join my local community and browse different impact activities organized by local NGOs. Some activities require previous knowledge, which can be acquired by participating in workshops. Experience in a specific domain is tracked by in-app badges representing skill level. Participating in an impact activity rewards users with community points, which can be spent at local businesses, and skill points that allow them to level up their badge.

A preview of the Web App for Impact Partners and Activity hosts.

Meanwhile, corporations, governments, and local businesses can become Impact Partners to support and benefit from a local community’s development in several ways. The Kolektivo platform grants funders and donors insights into the impact generated by the local community and how resources flow. It also creates strong visibility inside the application and the ability for Impact Partners to accept community points as a means of payment for their business. As a result, Kolektivo brings funders and change-makers closer together and increases mutual trust and trade. 

Pilot programs in Trinidad and Curaçao

As part of the UNICEF Venture Fund Climate Action Cohort, Kolektivo is creating a pilot in Trinidad and Tobago. During this pilot, dozens of high school teens will receive syntropic agriculture training and contribute to local regenerative food production while earning badges and community points they can spend at vendors around their schools. 

In parallel, Kolektivo Curaçao, in collaboration with the Johannes Bosco Foundation, Active Chance, and Kaya Kaya, will continue to build on the four years of local pilots and community building by organizing two impact tracks (socio-economic and environmental action) coordinated through the Kolektivo platform.

Both communities will launch their community points and badges later this year via the Kolektivo platform, built on the Celo blockchain, a carbon-negative and mobile-first blockchain infrastructure. Two teams, Kolektivo Labs and Zed Labs, are spearheading the development of the Kolektivo Platform. 

Towards creating local regenerative economies

The end goal of the Kolektivo Network is to create a global network of local chapters that collectively build open-source technologies that accelerate local impact economies. We’re excited to collaborate with the leading teams building at the intersection of impact and emerging technologies, including Celo, Valora, and Hypercerts.

If you’re interested in supporting Kolektivo or want to stay current, please visit Kolektivo.Network or follow Kolektivo on LinkedIn and X

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